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Arek · February 28, 2019 at 12:51 pm

I think it”s amazing how many resources actually exist for New Yorkers to reduce waste, compost and donate clothes. It”s easy for New York residents to forget these services amidst their busy schedules and turbulent lifestyles. Engaging the public through Ad campaigns, street signage and online resources would do a better job at educating New Yorkers on the many services they have it their backyard to begin rethinking, and breaking, old habits. Maybe it”s just the millennial in me talking but I think an app would be great. Breaking waste down by type and spatially organizing the services available across New York City through maps would allow New Yorkers to conserve in an efficient and user-friendly way. New York has a large population of people who are concerned about environmental problems but are unaware as to what they can do. Targeting this group would go a long way to foster individual action on a large scale.

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