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It may be all go with our factory move at the moment but there is plenty going on behind the scenes …….

Daytuner Performance has long been our chosen partner for development work on our engine packages and Damian has been an extremely busy boy
Following the success of the CBR1000rr powerplant that we developed together back in 2008, it was inevitable that a worthy successor would eventually be required and as development of these packages for car application takes time we have been working together once again to finalise a plug and play solution for the new GSXR engines.
With Daytuner grinding out the hours on the dyno and sorting the extremely complex management, we have been tasked with the job of sorting the lubrication and exhaust hardware.
The first exhaust system was fabricated earlier this year and we are well advanced with both a billet wet sump and dry sump option.
Here’s the latest update from Daytuner…..

“The latest update on our GSX-R 1000 L7 race car package has seen delivery of the 1st production MBE 9A9 ecu which has been built for us specially by SBD Motorsport . The package includes a bespoke wiring harness which is a complete plug and play solution for this engine when used with our coil kit.
The whole package has been designed so the customer can install it onto their race car and with the stock engine in place fire it up and away you go .It is also expandable to cover gearbox control,launch/traction control along with the multi power maps option.

While all that has been going on I have continued the engine work ,the latest spec has a trick cylinder head fitted but still with stock camshafts and to say that I`m pleased with the results is an understatement 214 bhp and 93lbs/ft of torque at the wheel 😁 This Suzuki engine is simply awesome and there is still more to come from it yet .

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